If you have read this far you or someone close to you probably has a difficult health problem that you are seeking help for. You have likely discovered that treating problems with drugs is rarely a productive approach and often leads to serious side effects.

Our approach differs with each patient. We don't have a one size fits all program. All patients are individuals. Careful interview, case history, physical exam and functional laboratory testing are employed to help us discover the root causes of each patient's problems. The sciences of Clinical Epidemiology (the study of factors that lead to health and disease) and Natural Hygiene (the study of nature as applied to human health and welfare) are employed in evaluating and assisting our clients.

Our clinic does not treat symptoms. We do not rely on "remedies", even "natural" ones, to "treat" our patients with. Our focus is to search for causes of disease, the elimination of those causes, and the provision of healthful factors that lead to vibrant health. It is by taking this individualized approach that we have been so successful over the years in helping chronically ill people with serious problems gain better health.

All of this takes a lot of work for us and on the part of the client.

If you are looking for a quick fix where you don't have to make much effort, this is not the right place for you. There are thousands of doctors and physicians that will be glad to spend a few brief moments with you and give you a drug or some type of “natural treatment” that aims to address your symptoms and leave the causes untouched. This is a clinic for people who are not afraid of making an effort.

I have been in health care since the mid 1970's. I went through over a decade of serious, chronic illness and know the hardships that are entailed in finding real answers. (It is my experience that makes me most valuable to my patients, more so than my degrees!).

If you are interested in discovering why you have become ill, appreciate a doctor who will spend time working diligently with you, and you are willing to work hard to improve your health and retain it, this is the right place for you.

When you become my patient you become very important to me. You become my student and you will also teach me about yourself. I limit the number of clients I see since an extensive amount of time is spent with each person. I invite very difficult cases of illness, but not clients unwilling to work hard to regain good health.

If it sounds like we have the right orientation for you, then I earnestly look forward to making your acquaintance and beginning our journey to your renewed well-being together.


Paul A. Goldberg, MPH, DC, DACBN, DCBCN