We do not "Treat" Disease. We Build Health.

It is difficult for patients not to be overwhelmed by their medical diagnoses. Our medical system is based on grouping disease symptoms into “diagnostic” titles followed by “treatments” for the title given. The outcome of this method has been symptomatic care that has failed to restore health as evidenced by the growing number of people suffering with chronic disease and subjected to drugs riddled with dangerous side effects. 

Daily we encounter patients who want to know if The Goldberg Clinic “treats” a specific disease…Allergies to Cancer, Alzheimer’s to Multiple Sclerosis to Rheumatoid Disease to Gastrointestinal Disorders to Psoriasis or Fibromyalgia. Do we “treat it”? The answer is we work with patients with virtually any medical diagnosis but we do not “treat” any of them. Our goal is to identify the causes of dis-ease and restore optimal functioning of the entire body. In doing so we have restored health to thousands of chronically ill individuals with virtually every kind of medical diagnosis. This logical approach is the outgrowth of Dr. Goldberg’s experience with chronic illness as a young man, his training in chronic disease epidemiology and clinical nutrition, thirty years as a Professor of Nutrition, Gastroenterology and Rheumatology and his work over three decades with chronically ill patients whose health has been restored by re-building their health.

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Conquering your Chronic Disease:

You may be discouraged from going doctor to doctor still unable to determine why you are ill, finding that drugs only mask your symptoms while allowing your health problems to continue. Employing comprehensive methods, The Goldberg Clinic determines the underlying causes of your health problems through careful examination and modern testing procedures. We pinpoint the steps needed to resolve your health problems now and protect your health for the future.

A Different Kind of Clinic:

"An Alternative To Medicine But Not Alternative Medicine"

The Goldberg Clinic has been helping people through natural, hygienic, biological methods for over thirty five years. We are not a medical clinic nor are we simply another "alternative type clinic" with a variety of "natural remedies."  The Goldberg Clinic strives for clinical excellence. Here both the patient and the doctor roll up their sleeves and do the hard work needed to obtain the excellent results patients deserve. 

A Multi-disciplinary Approach

A Multi-disciplinary Approach - We combine the sciences of Clinical Epidemiology, Clinical Nutrition, Natural Hygiene and Chiropractic with progressive laboratory testing for an advanced, natural approach to health. Scientifically designed physiotherapy programs are also employed to physically rehabilitate chronically ill patients. 


Training & Experience

Paul A. Goldberg, the founder and director of the Goldberg Clinic, holds degrees in Clinical Nutrition, Public Health/Chronic Disease Control and Chiropractic, is a Certified Natural Hygiene Physician and is a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Clinical Nutrition and the American Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition. The clinic is affiliated with progressive laboratories (two of whom Dr. Goldberg has served as a consultant for), The Retreat at Brooks and other health professionals.

Dr. Goldberg is a graduate of the Texas Medical Center Graduate School of Public Health where he focused on Chronic Disease Control and Reversal and wrote his thesis on Biological Approaches to Rheumatoid Disease in 1977. His professional career spans 35 years as a University Professor of Clinical Nutrition, Rheumatology and Gastroenterology and 40 years of clinical practice focusing on patients suffering from Rheumatoid and other chronic conditions. Dr. Goldberg's extensive background along with his own journey back to health from serious chronic autoimmune and gastrointestinal disease, make him exceptionally well qualified to help those with difficult health problems. 


Compassion - We know the frustration of being ill. The uncertainty of not knowing if you will be well again. The Goldberg Clinic carefully analyzes your predispositions, weaknesses, strengths, and individual biochemical traits and as a partner in the healing process, we will help put your health back into your own hands. 

Ten Cornerstones of The Goldberg Clinic

1)   Every person is an individual with unique biochemical, nutritional and emotional needs. We believe in the concept of biochemical individuality as originally presented by Roger Williams Ph.D. over 50 years ago and it is inherent in how we work with patients. We adhere to the notion that the development of a recovery program must be tailored to the patient, not the patient to the program.

2)   Disease symptoms are manifestations not causations. The causal factors behind the disease symptoms must be addressed if patient recovery from chronic disease is to be achieved. Patients are not the name of their diseases.

3)   It is the doctor’s duty to help the patient identify the causes of their health issues by doing an in depth case interview, a physical examination and appropriate laboratory testing. This requires time and at the Goldberg Clinic a generous amount of time is allotted for each patient to spend with the doctor so that a comprehensive understanding of their condition can be achieved.

4)   A doctor is a teacher not simply someone who treats symptoms whether that be with drugs or other potions, pills, therapies or treatments whether they are thought to be “natural” or not. The care must match the cause.

5)   The doctor’s goal is to identify the causes that led to the patient’s problems but and to help the patient address those causes and recover their health to the fullest degree possible. At that point the goal is to empower the patient to make health care into self-care, to assist the patient in gradually becoming independent of the doctor.   

6)   Reliable health comes from understanding and addressing the causes of our diseases at the source. This is done not by “treating” disease but rather by providing the right conditions of health for the patient so they may be nurtured back to health.

7)   The Goldberg Clinic employs Clinical Epidemiology and Nutritional Biochemistry as two primary ways to evaluate our patients using the case history, physical exam and laboratory testing appropriately. We understand the term “Nutrition”, differently than most. To us, Nutrition involves all aspects of transforming nutrients into healthy human tissue and in eliminating wastes from the body. The Nutrition Process, therefore, is a transformation process that includes not only an appropriate diet for each stage of the patient’s healing process but also and critically important, are the right steps to assure sound and efficient digestion, absorption, assimilation, cellular excretion and elimination which involve all aspects of human physiology. A comprehensive approach to optimizing health for the entire body is taken for all patients is taken for all patients… not just dietary steps. Diet is but one important piece of the recovery process.

8)   We do not view chronic, degenerative diseases as “incurable”. When the medical profession decrees a “disease” to be “incurable” that reflects their experience utilizing drugs as the foundation of patient care. Such a gloomy outlook does not necessarily apply when the right conditions of health are applied for the patient.

9)   An important goal with each patient is the re-creation of body tissues involving the breaking down of old inferior tissues followed by re-newal with superior, healthier tissues.

10)   The Goldberg Clinic is a place for those willing to roll up their sleeves discover the causes of their problems, address those problems logically and working with nature have the opportunity to reverse their chronic disease conditions.

“Causes Identified…Causes Addressed…Health Restored”