A Beacon of Light For The Chronically Ill

Long Established & Time Tested

Many years before natural health care came into vogue, decades before the current fad of physicians (after attending weekend seminars) began calling their practices confusing titles such as “anti-aging medicine,” “functional medicine,” “integrative medicine” or “complimentary medicine”… before Dr. Oz and other media generated gurus… prior to all this a Clinic was established where the focus was on the reversal of chronic diseases by addressing their causes… The Goldberg Clinic.

The Goldberg Clinic is an institution whose history evolved out of one person’s quest to help others reverse their chronic disease conditions after successfully doing so himself. A clinic with the knowledge and experience to uncover the causes of chronic illness and develop individualized programs meeting each patient's specific needs.

The Goldberg Clinic today is the outcome of both an extensive professional education and forty years of clinical experience by its founder, Dr. Paul Goldberg, who can say to those suffering from chronic disease, “been there, done that.”

Having experienced the agony of debilitating chronic illness, Dr. Goldberg and the Goldberg Clinic today assist others reverse degenerative disease conditions, as he did for himself four decades ago, in a logical manner combining the best of science and nature. To assist those who have lost hope of regaining their health return to an active, comfortable, life and take control of their destiny.

A Dark Beginning, Early Lessons and the Search for Help

Pain and disability are dependable motivators. Dr. Goldberg as a young man had a large dose of both these goad him into action. In his early twenties he developed excruciating joint pains throughout his body accompanied by oppressive fatigue, ulcerated bleeding bowels and perfuse muscular pains. A competitive swimmer and bicyclist who relished an active lifestyle, he was devastated by increasing physical disability. This was compounded by his being engaged at the time in a joint degree program in Law and Preventive Medicine at Ohio State University. He was alarmed by what physicians told him: he had …”Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis and Ulcerative Colitis”. In 1975 the medical outlook for these diagnoses, like today, was gloomy. He was hospitalized and told that steroids, painkillers and the possibility of removing his colon were his only options. A gloomy future of disability, he was told, would be his fate. 

Unwilling to accept such a dark future and after ten miserable days in the hospital, the future doctor began his quest for answers. Somehow he had gotten into this mess and he believed, there was a way out of it…if he could find it. He consulted with numerous medical physicians including those who labeled themselves “holistic”, to Osteopathic and Chiropractic Physicians, to Herbalists, Oriental Medicine Practitioners, Naturopaths and  “Nutritionists.” He read medical texts, health store books and went to all types of health and disease lectures. In turn he received a myriad of herbs, therapies, supplements and remedies meant to “treat” his disease. As in standard medicine the emphasis was still on treatment of the manifestations of disease as opposed to addressing the causal factors that led to the disease.

Dr. Goldberg discovered that the “treatment” of symptoms whether by steroids or by willow bark, by antibiotics or by herbs, whether the practitioner calls themselves a “standard, alternative, complementary, integrative, functional” or other often misleading titles, still focused on treatments rather than identifying and addressing causes.

Discouraged, Dr. Goldberg nonetheless continued his quest and was rewarded for his perseverance as a more rational approach to understanding health and disease gradually became evident to him.