Another Name for Impaired Health

Fibromyalgia is a “Wastebasket Diagnosis” not because sufferers with these types of symptoms do not have real and serious discomforts, but rather because the title is used by physicians to describe symptoms without understanding the causes behind them.


To clearly define Fibromyalgia is a tedious task. It is a diagnosis used by practitioners to describe patterns of muscle pain, aching and general discomfort when other diagnostic titles do not fit conveniently. Much like the diagnostic title Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which commonly accompanies it, it is a diagnosis of exclusion.


By understanding that the symptoms are indicative of underlying systemic poor health and that the symptoms can, therefore, be best addressed and effectively resolved by uncovering the specific, individual, reasons behind the fibromyalgia in each patient’s case. This is a task that most practitioners are poorly oriented about, and poorly prepared to handle.


Every patient with fibromyalgia warrants a thorough case history, physical examination and appropriate laboratory functional studies. The initial interview process takes priority and must be thorough. The history of patients with Fibromyalgia type symptoms is often lengthy and many doctors, medical and alternative, have often been seen and many “treatments” tried. The patient usually has a long list of accompanying symptoms e.g. fatigue, indigestion, irritability, problems in sleeping, etc. All of this exemplifies the need to address the patient’s overall health and vitality and to pinpoint the individual causes behind the problems.


With the large number of persons suffering from fibromyalgia symptoms, the market for all types of treatments, including so called “natural treatments”, has exploded including megavitamin therapies, mineral potions, acupuncture, aromatherapy, anti-microorganism therapies, massage therapies, acupressure, special drinks, magnesium chloride, juice therapies, apple cider vinegar, iron supplements, electrical modalities, light beam generators, salt water baths, saunas, a wide variety of herbs, homeopathy, magnetic therapy, infrared therapy, Chinese energy work (Qigong), reflexology, an abundance of multilevel marketed products, etc. Unfortunately, this endless list of nostrums, potions, pills and therapies rarely plays any constructive role in returning the patient back to a state of reliable good health.


Underlying fibromyalgia symptomatology is impaired health i.e. the patient’s overall well-being has become impaired and the fibromyalgia symptoms are an indication of it. The solution? Address the causes of poor health in the individual as opposed to “treatment” of symptoms.

Some of the general areas fibromyalgia symptoms originate from include:

These (and other causal) factors combine with the patient’s genetic makeup leading to metabolic imbalances resulting in fibromyalgia symptoms. Over time, should nothing be done to address the causal factors, increasing biochemical imbalances and more complex endocrine, digestive and neurological problems ensue.


What can we do for fibromyalgia?

Simply put, we must determine the causes of the patient’s poor health and address those causes thoroughly at their roots. When the patient’s overall health is improved and their vitality elevated, their symptoms of fibromyalgia will dissipate and good health will be restored. I have witnessed this repeatedly.

What seems to be a complex mystery that so many theories have been postulated about is in realty intimately related to the very ways we conduct our lives in combination with our own personal makeup.

Patient Testimonial

May 2nd 2017

“Its been 18 years since I went to get recovery from the Goldberg Tener Clinic. And yes! I have not had a return of my symptoms in all these years: Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia. Doctors claimed I had no sickness and it was all in my head. My skin hurt to touch, my fingers and toes would burn hot then cold. My eyebrows hurt and my kids could not kiss my face it would hurt. The littlest tap on my arms would shoot pain through. Seven months into my program all symptoms left and never have come back. Thank you for my life!”

-Jacqueline Gordon