Addressing Multiple Health Issues by Addressing Causes

Comments: It is not uncommon for patients at the Goldberg Clinic to have been diagnosed medically with multiple conditions. They see their Gastroenterologist for digestive issues, their Rheumatologist for joint pain, their dietician for weight issues, etc, etc. They come to see us with bags full of medications, supplements, and alternative treatments, all prescribed by different doctors managing each so called “disease.” What the patient and their doctors fail to recognize is that each disease or condition is not separate and distinct, but rather a manifestation of causes that have not yet been addressed. At the Goldberg Clinic our goal is not to treat symptoms i.e. the disease name or diagnosis. We instead work to address underlying causes and create the proper conditions under which the patient can evolve back into a state of health. For the past 35 years we have worked with patients with all kinds of named diseases/diagnoses. Time and again we have successfully helped patients with multiple diagnoses recover their health, not by treating each disease as if it were separate and distinct but by addressing the underlying root factors responsible for poor overall health and impaired function.