A Message To You From Dr. Paul Goldberg

To our Patients and Friends-

As we head into 2016 and our forty- first year of helping patients with chronic illnesses recover their vitality, The Goldberg Clinic will continue to promote our foundational methods of restoring patients to good health. Identifying Causes…Addressing Causes….and creating the right conditions for each patient to restore and preserve their health.

In a confusing world of fads, “alternative medicine”, “functional medicine”, “holistic medicine”, “integrative medicine”, and other forms of medicine, with their innumerable treatments, therapies and potions that miserably fail to address causal factors, we remain steadfast in our dedication to uncovering and addressing the causes of ill
health at their source in each patient.

We also re-dedicate ourselves to another primary goal of our clinic…to help each patient become increasingly self sufficient in caring for themselves, i.e. to turn health care into self-care. To help each patient take charge of their own health destiny, to live confidently in taking charge of one’s health and not in a state of anxiety and fear of a growing list of “medical diseases.”

We will continue to promote respecting our environment and the other animals we share this planet with, treating them in a kind and compassionate manner.

Lastly in 2016 we will continue to strive to improve our service to you. Please, if you at any time have suggestions on how we can serve you better, tell us. Know that we appreciate your patronage and allowing us to help you help yourselves.

Dr. Tener, Susan and I wish you the very best for a new year that brings you peace and many blessings. 

With Warm Regards, 

Paul A. Goldberg