Heartfelt Letter from Patient's Mom 8 Years Later

Dear Dr. Goldberg,

I want to update you on our daughter. When she came to you in 2006-7, she was suffering from Psoriatic Arthritis. She had quit dating, thinking she would never have a life. Today, I am happy to tell you, she is wonderful. She finished her PhD program at University of Texas (pharmaco-epidemiology) and is married (see picture attached). I have wanted to write you for years. She continues to follow your advice.

You gave her back her life and I will be forever grateful. 

Thank you and may God continue to use you.

Kathi Hodges

PS. Her first appointment with you was on June 12, She called in early September, crying, saying, " Mom, I don't hurt! I don't hurt!" I still cry when I think about it.