Case Study: Severe Arthritis, Fatigue and Constipation

Severe Joint Pain, Fatigue, Constipation | November 2016

Michelle came to the Goldberg Clinic in July 2016 suffering with severe Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue and Constipation. Her joint pain significantly interfered in her day to day life and made it difficult for her to perform basic tasks. Michelle reports 90% overall improvement since coming to the Goldberg Clinic. Her laboratory studies (CRP and Sedimentation Rate) show a substantial reduction in overall inflammation (see before/after below). 

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The C-Reactive Protein and Sedimentation Rate are blood markers used to measure systemic inflammation. They are commonly elevated in patients suffering with Arthritis and Autoimmune Disorders. These tests are employed at the Goldberg Clinic to monitor patient progress. Michelle's initial readings were significant elevated as seen below. Follow up testing revealed a substantial reduction in both markers, with the CRP normalizing entirely. 

C-Reactive Protein and Sedimentation Rate (BEFORE 6/9/16)

C-Reactive Protein and Sedimentation Rate (AFTER 9/30/16)