Paul A. Goldberg, MPH, DC, DACBN, DCBCN

It is the individual that must be cared for. The core underlying causes of disease symptoms must be addressed.

Dr. Goldberg has long been devoted to helping others reverse chronic illnesses through Natural, Biological and Nutritional Measures. 

Few understand the misery and discouragement of being unable to find the help they need to recover from serious disease condition better than Dr. Goldberg. Stricken with Rheumatoid Disease and Ulcerative Colitis as a young man he searched for help, trying numerous systems and physicians of many kinds without success. In his search for help he came under the guidance of Natural Hygienist, Dr. R.J. Cheatham at the Natural Hygiene Institute where he studied and worked. Utilizing his newfound knowledge he began to rebuild his tattered body and later became the Institute's Health Director. 

Dr. Goldberg continued his studies at the University of Texas Medical Center Graduate School of Public Health, where he wrote his thesis on Biological Approaches to Rheumatoid Diseases and graduated with a Masters of Public Health Degree in Chronic Disease Control. 

After leaving the University of Texas Medical Center he was employed by the Federal Government as an Epidemiologist and Health Planner.

Dr. Goldberg later became a Doctor of Chiropractic and has served for 38 years as a University Professor in Clinical Nutrition, Gastroenterology and Rheumatology while directing the Goldberg Clinic for Chronic Disease Reversal, which today attracts patients from throughout the United States and internationally.

Known for the challenging cases he works with along with the highly individualized approach taken with each patient, Dr. Goldberg has successfully helped numerous patients over the past 40 years seeking the reversal of chronic disease problems. He has lectured and written extensively on chronic disease reversal, including rheumatoid and other autoimmune conditions, gastrointestinal problems, blood sugar disorders, chronic fatigue related issues, allergies, and other difficult chronic, disease states.

As a Professor of Clinical Nutrition and Gastroenterology, Dr. Goldberg has taught thousands of doctors and students. The Goldberg Clinic has become well recognized for its high success rate in working with chronically ill patients who had not found help elsewhere.  

Dr. Goldberg holds Diplomate Status with the American Clinical Board of Nutrition and the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition. He is a Certified Member of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians. He also directs a health retreat and educational center in Brooks, Georgia.

His passions, in addition to helping restore chronically ill people to good health, include his family, animal welfare endeavors, writing and working outdoors at his Retreat Center Gardens.