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Conditions Addressed in the Following Eleven Letters:

12. Ankylosing Spondylitis, Arthritis of the Spine, Back Pain, Back Inflammation
13. Psoriatic Arthritis
14. Memory Loss, Slowness, Problems Walking, Depression
15. Colon Cancer
16. Breast Cancer
17. Chronic Fatigue, Dysmennorhea
18. Aspergillus Fungus Cavity on the Lung
19. Constantly Exhausted, Chronic Aches and Pains, Candida Yeast Problem, "Leaky Gut".
20. Gastrointestinal Tract and Urogenital System Problems
21. High Blood Pressure, Missed Heart Beats, Digestive Disorders, Overweight, Arthritic
22. Indigestion, Gas, Back Ache, Bad Breath

Patient Letter #12


Dear Fellow Patient:

I am writing to describe my experience to date under the care of Dr. Goldberg. Hopefully, you may find some similarities with your own symptoms that may give you reason to try some of the behavioral and dietary changes that Dr. Goldberg suggests that may improve your health.

About 18 months ago, I began to experience severe middle and lower back pain. The pain was particularly bad early in the morning. It gradually worsened until it felt like my entire chest and spinal area were inflamed. It hurt to breath deeply. A sneeze caused excruciating pain. I developed a soreness in the area just below my left knee which ultimately prevented me from running and playing tennis. The top of my right foot even became inflamed and it hurt to walk. At night, at first I was unable to sleep oh my stomach as the back pain would wake me. Then later,even on my side, I would be woken up with back inflammation. I would start in bed, but after only 2-3 hours of sleep, I would be forced to try and sleep in a chair sitting up. It was the only way I found the pain subside enough for me to sleep.

Of course I went to a "doctor" (a standard MD). After several tests, I was sent to a rheumatologist. There, after several other tests, I was definitively diagnosed as having ankylosing spondylitis (which means arthritis of the spine). There's a scale which they measure the level of inflammation in your body. The normal range is 0-10. Mine was 56.

I was immediately put on anti-inflammatories. Alter a couple of weeks, I began to experience severe stomach aches associated with the drugs. Two more types of anti-inflammatories were tried with similar results. Finally, I was able to obtain some arthritic relief with minimal stomach pain with Trilisate (an aspirin like drug). However, I was taking a high dosage and the prospects of long term damage to the kidneys were present with this drug.

At this point, I decided to give Dr. Goldberg a "try". I had heard he had once had the same disease as me and had found certain dietary changes, which dramatically improved his condition. My first visit to Dr. Goldberg was 6 months ago.

Under Dr. Goldberg's care I have made substantial changes in my diet and other behaviors. My diet was probably very typical of most Americans when I initially came to Dr. Goldberg. I ate a large variety of foods, but I am sure it consisted of too high a percentage of meats, dairy items, and sugars.

Under his care, I initially started with an 11 day fast and then gradually added back certain vegetables and fruits. This was done to give my digestive system a chance to heal.

Today, I am eating lots of vegetables, nuts, whole grains, fish and chicken. Every once in a while I will eat a portion of red meat. I take in very little sugar, and have avoided almost all desserts. I have also avoided most dairy products and "white" flour and rice. I now drink water almost exclusively. I do not drink milk or sodas, and rarely have fruit juice. I have also avoided almost all alcohol, although occasionally I will have a glass of wine.

The results have been fairly dramatic improvement. My back pain has gradually subsided. The inflammation in my chest has disappeared. My foot is healed and even the pain below my knee is much better (although still present). I am playing tennis again and it feels wonderful. I am not cured however. I still wake up with some morning back stiffness (which stretching exercises helps to overcome).I also have a tender spot (to the touch) on my middle back which remains with me constantly. However, each of these symptoms is minor compared to the pain at the height of my illness. I should add that I am no longer taking any anti-inflammatories. In addition to the improvement with respect to pain, I am clinically in better health as well (as the various blood tests can attest). For example, my cholesterol dropped from 226 to under 150 during the last six months.

The new diet does take quite a bit of discipline and will power. Others around you are constantly eating and offering those delicious desserts. The availability of soft drinks and rich food abounds. It is not easy. However, it is better than the alternative, which for me was debilitating pain. I am convinced that a person's diet does have a lot to do with their overall health. In a way it seems so obvious. What you take into your body does affect how you feel in a very real way. For me, changing what I ate and drank on a regular basis was far more effective than any drug I could take in helping to improve my health. Of course, it has only been 6 months, but so far, so good.

I hope this letter can be of help to you or someone you know in a similar circumstance.


Mark Padfield

Patient Letter #13

August 30, 1999

Dear Dr. Goldberg,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you have taught me. My life has drastically changed because of you. When I was 14 years of age, I was having a great deal of trouble walking, my first days of high school. I went to multiple bone specialists, and they all told my parents I was just having growing pains. Pain yes, Growing no! The pain proceeded and someone finally suggested that I had arthritis. My parents were referred to an arthritis specialist in Chattanooga, Tenn. and they made me an appointment. We went to appointment and at 14 years old I, was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. The doctors gave me so many medicines that make me sicker by the day. The doctor would drain my knees with huge needles to get the fluid off of them. Soon it spread to every joint in my body. The doctor told me there was no cure, that it was a chronic illness and I would have it forever. I was prescribed some anti-inflammatory medicine to prevent the swelling. When we left the office I did not know what to say, I had a disease that will never get better and would only get worse I took the medicine which was prescribed and followed the other orders I had been given

Time progressed and my condition only got worse. The arthritis became worse, it was in my elbows, hips, spine, and ankles. The next problem that arose was weight gain, I began to gain until I had went from 140 to 206 lbs. All of my symptoms only got worse and the medication made me nausea. I began to not sleep at night because the pain was so bad. I was no longer able to do the things I enjoyed with my friends because I could barely walk. So one day my mom heard of Dr. Goldberg from a friend, her friend told her that the doctor had really helped him, so my mom contacted the office and made me a appointment. 

My mom went with me on the first visit, I met Dr. Goldberg and he talked about really getting better. He ran several tests on me, I found out I was allergic to several things that only making my arthritis worse. My cholesterol was a grand total of 289. (I was a major junk food addict.) I had lost my self-esteem from all the weight I had gained. Dr. Goldberg put me on a special diet and gave me some nutrition supplements. I went home and had to totally adjust everything I did. I had to excerise, I now walk a mile every day. The results started to show within three weeks. I began to lose weight, sleep better, regaining my self-esteem and energy. The constant pain has disappeared, I would have never known these things could get this good after the pain I had. 

I owe my good health and happiness to Dr. Goldberg and his help to show me how I could get well and live a better life. If I could give any advice to anyone with the same health problems to allow Dr. Goldberg to help them it would be the best help they could ever receive. Also I thank my mom and dad and my mom's friend for taking me to find Dr. Goldberg so I could get well. Thank You!

Brandy Bethune
Cleveland, Tenn.

Patient Letter #14

April 2, 1998

Dear Dr. Goldberg:

I'm writing this letter filled with gratitude and hope. As you know, I have been searching for the last six years for a cure for my condition. I had lost my memory first, then went on to problems in walking, became generally slow in everything I did, and a variety of other symptoms and health problems.

After many doctors of all kinds with own specialties, MRI's, and multiple tests, I was sent to a psychiatrist and yet more tests. I came out with depression after such a long illness. I was placed on long term disability from work and ended up socially a mess. There were pressures and upsets with my friends and my family was, in my judgment, ready to give up on me.

Finally my son Vincent, a student, begged me to come and consult with you. Upon coming down here I was evaluated, detoxified, and then built up with the appropriate nutrients for my case.

It is absolutely amazing that within this short time (only three weeks!), that I can talk much better, walk much better, and my mind is much clearer. I am much faster and surer of tasks that I perform and I do not fall and get off balance as I did before.

Believe it or not, even my handwriting has improved compared to what it was before.
My spelling and grammar is coming back too. I have also lost twelve pounds in just a few weeks time (so far!)

I could go on and on, but mostly I am very happy that my life is coming back to me! 

Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

Sincerely yours,

Mary Lou Nelson

Patient Letter #15

August 27, 1999

Dear Dr. Goldberg,

I would like to thank you for helping me get through this last year! When I was diagnosed with colon cancer in September of 1998, I guess the "fear of the unknown" was my worst nightmare.

When I came to see you in late September of 1998, I had undergone surgery to remove the cancer and part of my colon. The medical doctors recommended follow-up treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. They did not recommend any changes in my diet or life style. I knew that if I continued to do the same thing that I had been doing in the past I could not expect any different results.

While I always felt alternative solutions were in the best interest of my health, my family strongly encouraged me to go for treatments. My son, Danial R. Koelsch, D.C. felt that if that was the option I chose, then I needed to be in the best nutritional state possible. I give him credit for setting up the first appointment with you.

It was amazing to me that in only one visit with you and an initial exam that you knew what tests to order to see what was really going on with my body. No medical doctor had ever checked my amino acids, which you found to be so extremely unbalanced. Little did I know this played such a key role in my immune system.

With your guidance on my diet and your management of nutritional supplement, I was able to get through the treatments in very good shape. By following your advice, I was able to maintain my work schedule through the treatments and carry on my normal lifestyle. Not once during the treatment did I become anemic or have any problems with my platelets.

I found you to be very conscientious in regard to my health issues and appreciate how you have worked so diligently to solve the problems. I feel I am on the right track to getting well and staying well.



Knoxville, TN

Patient Letter #16

August 20, 1996

Dear Dr. Goldberg,

It has been a long hard six months of knowing you. Thanks for all of your patience and caring. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 1995, my whirlwind of doctor interviews began - surgeon, plastic surgeon and oncologist. I felt something was missing and after my second chemo treatment, I was referred to you. You are the foundation of good care. I have finished my eight treatments, while you tested, evaluated and boosted my strength with diet and supplements. They told me it would be six months after my last treatment before I "felt like me." It has been two months and I am roller blading and starting to get back in to the gym to weight train. The old me is coming back much faster than they anticipated.

Our association will continue as you boost my immune system but I want to stop and thank you for your expertise in getting me to this point. 
You are truly a leader in the world of health.



Duluth, Georgia

Patient Letter #17

October 11, 1993

Dear Dr. Goldberg,

I want to thank you and convey to you what tremendous results I have experienced under your care.

I had been experiencing digestive and a number of other problems, including fatigue and dysmennorhea for several years. Being a health care provider myself, I had explored many avenues in attempt to improve my body's ability to heal and function better.

I eventually began to realize the area in which I had not received expert advice was nutrition. This is when I consulted you. In the short two months which I have been following the therapeutic diet, which you developed for me, my health has improved dramatically.

I am so pleased with the care you have provided. I will not hesitate to refer to you any one of my own patients in need of expert nutritional counsel.


Judith L. Rabin, D.C.
Marietta, GA

Patient Letter #18


Dear Dr. Paul Goldberg

Good news I Today's chest x-rays showed the fungus cavity on the right lung to be reduced by 50%! It is getting very much smaller at a faster rate than before. The cavity on the left lung is looking pretty pitiful for an aggressive fungus like Aspergillus Niger: the wall has been broken down and it is disintegrating. I still have some areas of bronchiectasis, but that is another challenge for the future.

My medical doctor pulmonologist is now convinced that surgery is a bad solution to my primary Aspergillus infection. My chances for recuperating are much larger if I continue with the medication and the diet you suggested that I keep.
This Aspergillus fungus has lived in my lungs for about 3 years now and if it was not for you I would not have been able to gain my health back and take control.

The medications did not seem to be working for me. My pulmonologist's recommendation was to remove the middle lobe and part of the upper lobe of my right lung. I knew that my body was the strongest healing force that I had, but how could I prompt it to heal me? Your approach was simple and common sense! No Hokus Pokus. Blood tests showed what was wrong, so I could change my diet and add some new fuel to give my body the best optimum conditions to work under. Giving my body a rest and the perfect conditions to function under, the medication and my immune system finally got the Aspergillus under control. Your perseverance and discipline has been a great help also. You showed me that I could do it.

Thank you again, Paul, you have saved my life and my lungs.



Patient Letter #19

November 4,1998

Dear Potential Patient:

If you are contemplating seeing Dr. Goldberg for the first time, please read on. Working with Dr. Paul Goldberg has produced miraculous results in my life - it has been the best investment I have ever made in myself.

Good friends who are patients of Dr. Goldberg referred me to him because I had been complaining for two years about my minor, seemingly insignificant, medical problems. I now know that left untreated, these symptoms would have manifested in serious, debilitating health conditions later in my life.

In my lifetime I had never had a weight or energy problem, never counted a fat gram or a calorie, and never regularly exercised in my entire life - I was pretty lucky. At age 36,1 felt relatively healthy, but had gained 30 pounds shortly after my 36th birthday. I had gone from a size 8 to a size 12 in short order. I felt like someone else had taken over my body. I was constantly exhausted, had chronic aches and pains, and I was always bumping into things and had bruises everywhere. Climbing a flight of stairs was a significant effort. I had to give up my hobby of dancing because I was so tired and my balance was so awful. 
I finally sought medical advice from several medical doctors. Each ran tests and could find nothing wrong with me. These doctors kept telling me that I would "just have to get used to it - everybody slows down as they age." 
I didn't buy that explanation so I decided to try Dr. Goldberg as my last resort. After extensive testing it was determined that I was highly allergic to most of the foods I was eating every day, I was also eating way too many refined carbohydrates, I had a significant Candida yeast problem and a "leaky gut". My system was becoming more and more toxic and I was headed for trouble.

Dr. Goldberg put me on a detoxification program and strict diet regimen. I went through a period of withdrawal which was moderately uncomfortable, then a period of being very tired while my body rebuilt itself in a new and healthier way. At first sticking to my new diet was very tough because it required me to give up the foods I craved the most and thought I couldn't live without. In retrospect, it was a very small price to pay for the tremendous benefits I have come to enjoy over the last year. 
My mind and body changed in ways that I never thought possible. The thirty pounds I had gained literally melted off my body. I slept soundly, my energy level soared, I had no more chronic body aches and pains, my mind was clear, my memory improved, my coordination and balance improved, my nails and hair grew at a phenomenal rate and were incredibly healthy, and the texture of my skin even changed. 
I was feeling terrific and getting compliments from people I didn't even know about how great my skin looked and that I was so healthy I "glowed". I now have the energy to work out three times a week, I work a full time and a part time job, and still have enough energy to dance twice a week!

Although my initial presenting problems were not serious, I am certain that left untreated they would have eventually killed me. My family medical history is filled with various types of cancer, heart disease, and digestive disorders. I am confident that because of Dr. Goldberg's treatment, I will live a much longer and healthier life. I have so much gratitude to Dr. Goldberg for helping me see the light down the road to good health and to God and good friends for giving me the strength, courage and dedication to follow Dr. Goldberg's plan. I constantly refer new patients to Dr. Goldberg because I know how from my own experience how much better they can feel if they will just take the initiative and try a different approach to managing their own health.

If you have any questions about my experience, please feel free to call me at 770-806-5815 and I will be glad to share my story with you.


Jill Wohlfeil

Patient Letter #20

Dear Dr. Goldberg,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your expertise. I have experienced remarkable positive changes regarding the problems I was having with my gastrointestinal tract and urogenital system since fasting and following your dietary advice. The restoration of my individual wellness is an invaluable gift. I feel much happier on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level since eating hygienically. The nutritional changes have helped me progress on my life path and have allowed me to help others too. As my father's saying goes: " There are no problems in life, only solutions waiting to be used."
I want to thank you for being part of the solution waiting to be used.



Roswell, GA

Patient Letter #21

February 16, 1996

Marietta, Georgia

Dear Dr. Goldberg,

This letter is a testimony to the success we've had in improving my health and quality of life in just one short month.
When I decided to seek your help I had numerous problems that had accumulated during my 64 years of life; high blood pressure (for which I had been taking medicine for six months), missed heart beats, almost constant digestive disorders, being overweight, arthritic, sluggish, aching all over, and nervous with anxiety attacks.
I had always considered the human body to be a wondrous chemical plant, unique to each person, that if fed the right nutrients, would perform at a peak efficiency for a healthy and vigorous life. We had tried to eat properly, restricting the diet, and seeking the help of MD's, but it just wasn't working.
Now, happily and healthfully, I can say that under your care my life has been turned around. My blood pressure is now normal and I am off the blood pressure medicine. My heart beats evenly now with no missed beats. My weight is now where it was when I was 21 years old. The ache I had in my right shoulder for years is gone. My arthritic joints don't ache anymore. My nervousness is gone. I feel great again!
I want to thank you for using the vast knowledge and experience you possess to make me feel good again.




Patient Letter #22

July 17, 1991

Dear Paul:

Hope this finds you well. I know a few months ago you asked me to write about my experience in being treated by you. ....well, I have been so busy enjoying life again now that you have given me a new life (and a new lifestyle!!!), that I forgot about doing it for awhile. I remembered the other day as I was enjoying my food (who would have ever thought that I could enjoy simple natural food so much!) and remembering how I used to hate to eat because I knew I would get so much indigestion and gas afterwards.. and because the aching in my back made everything I did miserable.

You know how many doctors told me to "learn to live with the pain". You know I went to four different Chiropractors, who were all much nicer than the Medical Doctors, but really did not help me much either. I had tried everything I thought might help and a few things I did not think would help, but gave them a try anyway. At only forty seven years old (and feeling like 147 years old) I knew in the back of my mind that there had to be answer somewhere, AND YOU WERE IT! When Alice Steiner recommended you to me, I told her I had already been to a bunch of Chiropractors. I was to find out that not all Chiropractors are the same. 
I really think it was your background in nutrition and preventive medicine and all those years that you have been teaching at a College and doing research that made you able to help me when no one else could. 
One big difference with you is that you required me to be responsible for getting well. I had to eat differently, you insisted that I had to understand the laboratory tests and what they meant, you badgered me into getting more sleep, and you required me to drink all that damn distilled water and take mild exercise. Five and a half months later I was literally reborn. I woke one morning to find the pains in my back gone. My nasty breath got sweet again (goodbye mouthwash), and I started to use the toilet for a few minutes each time rather than have to sit there and grunt and groan for a half hour and still be disappointed! !!
A most six months care with you, plus all my laboratory tests, plus all my supplements cost me about a thousand dollars. I had probably spent $13,000.00 before coming to you including that Chiropractor who radiated the hell out of my spine ($400.00 worth of x-rays for nothing) and the medical internist who I spent about $3,500.00 with for him to tell me that I had an "irritable bowel"!!!!

I tried to refer someone to you last week who has been suffering quite a bit and has been downing drugs from the local M.D. for the past four years or so and only getting worse. She says you are "too far away". Doc, knowing what I know now I would have traveled half way around the world to get to you.

I know you have been working to get money for the kids in Bangladesh who are starving after the typhoon. Enclosed please find a check for them, which I give to them in your honor.

Sincerely Yours,

Alfred Summers

P S. If you want to type this letter up and share it with others its O.K. with me. Send the typed version back and I will sign it and send it back to you. One thing you did not fix was my handwriting!