Susan Kallenbach

Susan Kallenbach joined the Goldberg Clinic in 2014. A former patient who enjoyed great results from her work with us (see below), Susan has quickly proven to be a wonderful addition to the Clinic. A native of Missouri, Susan has extensive experience in the business world and is a real "people person." Even on those rare days when Dr. Goldberg or Tener might have a frown on their face, Susan can be found smiling and eager to assist our patients. 

Susan is the mother of three grown children (including two who are Doctor's of Chiropractic) and lives in Alpharetta, Georgia with her husband Jim.  

Susan came to see us in 2013  with chronic Digestive Issues, Hormonal Imbalances, Joint Pain and Weight Gain. In just  just five months, her symptoms resolved, she has lost 40 pounds and she looks and feels 20 years younger.